Foozle - Romantic Comedies BCDC-017

Foozle - Romantic Comedies (BCDC 017)
on Babe City Records
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RIYL: sincerity as an object, making out, unrequited love, self-love, and Ways of Seeing


1. Letterman
2. Nice Day
3. TV Wrestling
4. :P
5. Sofa Couch
6. Indigo Sky
7. Another Dog
8. TV Screen
9. Blue Sweatshirt
10. Winston
11. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Foozle is Jake Lazovick, Joanna Smith and Ryan Witt.
Recorded straight to cassette by Foozle
Mixed by Jake Lazovick and Andrew Boudreau
Mastered by Peter Larkin

Foozle is a Maryland-based rock band, active since 2009. The band began while all three members were still in high school, and has grown into some organic mishmash of occasional practices and spurts of writing and recording. At this point, it seems obvious that they will remain a band until they aren't anymore.

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Pressing Information

100 • Red Vinyl
200 • Black Vinyl
75 • Chrome Plus Cassette
100 • Compact Disc