Go Cozy - Glaziao BCDC-008

Go Cozy - Glaziao (BCDC 008)
on Babe City Records
Vinyl | CD | Digital

Drift away to the shimmering shores of Glaziao.

“As I was growing up in Puerto Rico, the days my brothers and I would find the perfect conditions for surfing, we would call it ‘Glaziao.’” - Homero Salazar Andrujovich


Go Cozy is Homero Salazar Andrujovich, Maria Sage, Julian Oliver, and Hays Dowdy.
Glaziao was recorded by Homero Salazar Andrujovich, Ryan Witt, Maria Sage, Julian Oliver, and Owen Sherrod.
Recorded in Silver Spring, MD with Tommy Sherrod at Full Glass Studios - Summer 2013 - Summer 2015

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Pressing Information

100 Ruby Red
200 Glimmer Gold