The Sea Life

Flip through Wired, crash the CES or ask any Fitbit-wearer and you’ll learn that Your Perfect Life awaits once you assemble the correct constellation of apps and plug yourself into your various screens. Order an Uber, buy a bed for Fido, see-hear the latest epic from Beyonce, get grub from the Hub. In the 21st century, contentment is just a touch ID away.

As their newest, eponymous LP reveals, the members of The Sea Life are contemplating this Chinese finger trap of modern life: the easy ability to shut off unpleasant feelings and avoid anxiety, to settle for warm, safe boredom interrupted with only occasional fits of FOMO (settle down, those too will pass), and call it living. They discovered the angst inherent in never reaching some sort of self-actualization is one of the few things that still feels real, that can still drive fear, desire and creativity.

In The Sea Life, out May 26 on Babe City Records, the band focuses on the challenge—after two years of touring and working in the labor force—to find a balance between life in the 9-to-5 world and a life in a band. Recorded with original members Jon Weiss, Payton Brown and Jordan Sanders, along with contributions from Ryan Witt (Foozle, Go Cozy) Tommy Sherrod (Brushes) and Jules Hale (Den-Mate), the album was recorded in the basement studio in the greater Washington DC area that has produced every release by The Sea Life.

Now with Jules Hale on drums and vocals, The Sea Life’s LP shows the band’s evolution to a tighter, more cohesive unit. After a recent appearance at the SXSW Festival and Treefort Festival and a three-week tour of clubs and colleges in western states, The Sea Life’s songwriting and performances come across as more urgent and immediate.

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